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2013-2014 CU Denver Catalog 
2013-2014 CU Denver Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Services

Student Services

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Academic Success and Advising Center
American Indian Student Services
Asian American Student Services
Black Student Services
Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team
Career Center
Community Standards and Wellness
Club Sports
Commuter Services and Off-Campus Housing
Disability Resources and Services
ESL Academy
Experiential Learning Center
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans (GLBT) Student Services
Global Education
Hispanic Student Services
Information Technology Services
International Affairs
International Colleges
International Student and Scholar Services
Learning Resource Center
New Student Orientation
Ombuds Office
Peer Advocate Leader (PAL) Program
Pre-Collegiate and Academic Outreach
Student Activities, Events, Student Organizations and Student Leadership Programs
Student and Community Counseling Center
Student Government Association
Student Health Insurance
Student Life
Student Newspaper: The Advocate
Study Abroad
Title IX:  Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct
Transfer Initiative, Denver
TRIO Programs
Veteran Student Services
Volunteer and Community Service
Women’s Resource Center
Writing Center 


Academic Success and Advising Center

Office: North Classroom, 2024
Telephone: 303-352-3520

Academic advising is the foundation of a successful college experience and an important component in both choosing a major and career planning. The Academic Success and Advising Center (ASAC) assists students in the development of meaningful educational plans that will be compatible with their aspirations. This office serves as the first point of contact and provides academic advising for students who are prebusiness, preengineering, nondegree and undecided in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and all freshmen and undecided in the College of Arts & Media. Students assigned to the ASAC meet with an advisor every semester to plan a schedule, discuss academic support services and assist with referrals to other on-campus resources. In addition, the center provides general information and resource referrals to all students. 

New student orientation for freshman/first year students is coordinated through the ASAC. Fall and spring welcomes for transfer, nondegree and graduate students are also coordinated through the center. 


American Indian Student Services

Office: North Classroom, 2013
Telephone: 303-556-2860

The American Indian Student Services program provides access and educational opportunities to American Indian students through specialized recruitment and retention efforts. The program provides academic advising, scholarship information, cultural programs, advocacy, student organization sponsorship and other supportive services tailored to the specific needs of the students. American Indian Student Services also serves as a resource to the campus, providing current information on issues and concerns of the American Indian community.

Asian American Student Services

Office: North Classroom, 2014
Telephone: 303-556-2578

Asian American Student Services serves as a resource to the campus and community. The office seeks to support student success by providing services in a welcoming environment, which include:

  • academic advising
  • scholarship information
  • cultural programming
  • advocacy
  • resource information
  • student leadership development opportunities

Black Student Services

Office: North Classroom, 2010
Telephone: 303-556-2701

The Black Student Services program provides access, educational opportunities and information to students through specialized recruitment and retention efforts. The program provides academic advising, scholarship information, cultural programs, advocacy, student organization sponsorship and other supportive services tailored to the specific needs of the students. Black Student Services also serves as a resource to the campus, providing current information on issues and concerns affecting the community.


Campus Assessment, Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team 

Office: 127 Tivoli
Telephone: (303) 352-3579

The CARE Team is committed to improving campus safety and student success by proactively and collaboratively managing situations and individuals that pose, or may reasonably pose, a threat to the safety and well-being of the campus community. The team coordinates with students, faculty, and staff as well as concerned others when assessing or responding to individuals who may pose a risk to themselves or others. The team intervenes where necessary and provides resources, referrals and assistance to those in need. 

The Career Center

Office: Tivoli Student Union, 267
Telephone: 303-556-2250

The Career Center offers a full array of services that prepare students for the transition from college to career. Students are encouraged to participate in career-related programs and services as early as their first year to gain skills and experience necessary to be successful upon graduation. Services are also available to alumni at no cost for up to 12 months after graduation and for a small cost after 12 months. New this year! All CU Denver alumni have unlimited access to job postings on the Just ASK! Job Link at no cost during 2013.

The Career Center’s brand is Just ASK! Assess Search Knock!

  • ASSESS: Understand and leverage abilities, skills, personality, values, and interests to choose the right academic major or to determine a career direction.
  • SEARCH: Prepare for job search by creating industry awareness, learning job-search strategies, and developing career materials (i.e. résumés, cover letters, and CV’s).
  • KNOCK: Connect with employers through services including: interview skill coaching, mock interviews, résumé referrals, on-campus interviews, career fairs, employer presentations, networking events, and the Just ASK! Job Link.

Just ASK! is designed to complement students’ educational programs and to help students achieve their career goals.

Commuter Services and Off-Campus Housing

 Opportunities to collaborate with

Commuter Student Services

 Tivoli Student Union - Suite 227


 Office Mission Statement

To provide off-campus and commuter students with resources and support to be successful and healthy on the go.

 About Us/Services for Students

  • The Commuter Services website offers non-traditional and commuter students a variety of resources about living and studying in Denver.  This site covers everything from finding a roommate and a place to live, to where to shop for groceries and tips on finding child care.
  • The Off-Campus Housing Fair is held each spring semester and offers students a chance to learn more about (and meet) property owners and landlords in the Denver area.  This event is a great way for students to learn more about their rights and responsibilities as tenants.
  • is an online database that allows students to view available off-campus rentals and to find potential roommates.  This service is free to students, faculty, and staff at CU Denver.  Faculty and staff can also list their rental units on this site for a minimal fee.

Community Standards and Wellness

Location: Tivoli Student Union, Suite 227
Telephone: 303-556-2444

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards serves as a resource to the entire university community through its efforts to meet the developmental and educational needs of students related to community expectations, civility and respect for self and others.  We function to support community members with conflict management and resolution and by responding to inappropriate behaviors.  We provide student-centered educational services, which promote personal development and individual responsibility. We strive to create a dynamic, open and just environment where civility, cultural competence and learning are expected and celebrated.

Overall Office Goals

  • To develop, disseminate, and interpret campus policies and procedures related to community standards and expectations
  • To protect the rights of students in the administration of the student conduct program
  • To respond to student behavioral concerns in a fair, reasonable and efficient manner
  • To promote a campus environment that encourages dialogue, mutual respect and cultural sensitivity
  • To initiate and encourage educational activities that serve to reduce violations of campus regulations and to increase the health and wellness of the campus community
  • To foster collaborative partnerships that allow for a holistic approach to supporting and developing healthy, engaged and productive students and citizens


Disability Resources and Services Office                   

Location: North Classroom, 2514
Telephone: 303-556-3450
TTY: 303-556-4766

The Office of Disability Resources and Services (DRS) is committed to providing equal opportunities and fostering the personal growth and development of students with disabilities. The DRS staff strive to meet the needs of a large and diverse community of students with disabilities. We are available to provide assistance and to arrange for reasonable accommodations that will address specific educational needs.

Accommodations may include but are not limited to the following:

  • priority registration for classes
  • assistance in identifying volunteer note takers
  • alternative testing (private room, additional time, reader/scribe)
  • alternate textbook formats (scanned, enlarged print, Braille)
  • interpreter services or captioning services


ESL Academy

The University of Colorado Denver’s English as a Second Language (ESL) Academy offers a rich diversity of academic, social, and cultural learning opportunities and is located in a newly renovated space right along 16th Street Mall in the heart of downtown Denver.

The Academy offers high-quality, year-round ESL instruction specifically designed for university preparation. The curriculum helps students improve their language skills through a rigorous program of study, campus involvement, and cultural and educational activities. Important: the ESL Academy does not accept beginners. There are no beginner classes. If you are a beginner, please apply later, when you have at least four months of learning English.

Our program offers the following distinctive advantages when compared against other programs:

  • The curriculum is designed especially for university-bound students. In addition to mastering academic English, students will learn how to succeed academically at the University of Colorado Denver.
  • Students in the ESL Academy will be considered University of Colorado Denver students. They will be on the university campus from day one of our program and will be eligible to live in university housing, though there will be limited availability for students who join our program mid-term.
  • Students will have access to all of the activities and resources that the university has to offer, not to mention the spectacular outdoors and urban life in Denver and Colorado.
  • Students may be allowed to take one or two regular academic courses that count towards fulfillment of CU Denver degree requirements once they achieve a measure of English proficiency.
  • When a student completes the ESL Academy successfully, s/he will automatically fulfill the University of Colorado Denver’s English language proficiency requirement and will be eligible for full admission.
  • ·Students will be issued a Form I-20 from the University of Colorado Denver for a seamless immigration experience and will not have to transfer their immigration status to begin their degree program upon complete of the ESL Academy.
  • Students will benefit from a seamless transition to university degree programs after they successfully complete the ESL Academy, thus maximizing the prospects of their success. 

For full details, visit the ESL Academy online at  Here, students can get information about:

  • The online application
  • Program information
  • Tuition and Fees
  • International Student Services 

If you have additional questions you may send an email to or call 303.315.2383. 


Experiential Learning Center (Internships, Service and Research)

Director: Tony R. Smith
Office: Tivoli Student Union, 260
Telephone: 303-556-6656

Live your learning at CU Denver! Students have many opportunities to explore academic fields through direct experience including internships, service in the community, undergraduate research and international experiences. Connect your academic experiences and learning to the real world by putting your knowledge into practice. You will develop new skills, grow personally and professionally and enrich your academic experience. 

INTERNSHIPS (Academic and Not-For-Credit)

Hundreds of CU Denver students engage in degree-related work experiences with corporations, government and nonprofit agencies in the Denver-metro area and around the world. Students can earn academic credit, pay, or both while gaining relevant experience related to their career interests.


Students gain a better understanding of community issues, develop practical skills and make a difference in the world around them when they engage in service activities. From the first-year experience course to senior capstone classes, faculty weave service projects into their courses, giving students a wider view of the world. These service learning experiences vary in length of time, but the impact is always transformational. Many volunteer opportunities that connect students with the local, national and international communities are also available through the center. Students can also earn AmeriCorps education awards for service.


Whether assisting faculty with research or pursuing their own research under faculty supervision, CU Denver students can experience what it means to be involved in the creation of knowledge. Students may apply for research grants through the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and showcase their research projects at the annual Research and Creative Activities Symposium. The Experiential Learning Center provides resources for a myriad of opportunities to CU Denver students.


Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans (GLBT) Student Services at Auraria

Office: Tivoli Student Union, 213
Telephone: 303-556-6333

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Student Services is open to all Auraria Campus students as a resource for exploring sexual orientation or gender identity issues. This program offers a variety of support, education and advocacy services for the entire campus community:

  • support for those who may have questions about their own sexual orientation/gender identity or that of a friend or family member
  • advocacy for students experiencing discrimination or harassment based on a real or perceived GLBT identity
  • speakers for events, workshops and classes on various aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity
  • programs and workshops about working with the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities
  • resource library of 500 books and 90 videos (documentary and cinema) available for research and leisure, as well as a multitude of free literature regarding other organizations and services throughout Denver and Colorado that provide outreach, services and advocacy
  • programs such as Speakers Bureau and other forums providing information and dialogue about GLBT issues

The GLBT Student Services office is staffed by a director with the support of student employees and volunteers. Input and involvement from the entire campus community are welcomed.


Global Education, Study Abroad

Director: John Sunnygard
Telephone: +1-303-315-2230

Global Education is the university’s central office that supports all students seeking to internationalize their education and gain professional preparation to more effectively serve and compete in a global world. The office advises and prepares students, faculty and staff to safely navigate the full range of global academic and learning opportunities. Global Education has a network of study abroad programs, international internship, volunteer and service learning opportunities in more than 80 countries. Graduate, professional and undergraduate students from both campuses that conduct international research also benefit from Global Education’s support services.

The Semester in Beijing semester program is of particular interest to communication, economics, math and international studies students. Students from Denver and China study together on our partner campus at China Agricultural University in Beijing. Students take English-taught CU Denver courses for CU Denver credit. The program cost is the same as studying in Denver, with several scholarship opportunities to further reduce the price. 

Study abroad programs are offered in a variety of terms, costs and disciplines to suit the full spectrum of CU Denver students. Students may choose to immerse themselves in a more traditional academic year or semester program abroad; or to conduct research on field studies sites. Many students choose to study for credit with CU Denver faculty on one of the many affordable, focused Global Study programs over winter break, Maymester or summer.

While many students study abroad to learn or perfect language skills, most students participate in English-taught programs in non-English and English-speaking countries. Either CU Denver or transfer credit may be earned on approved programs abroad, giving students the opportunity to fulfill degree requirements while living, learning and growing in another culture.

We make every effort to keep global educational opportunities affordable for all CU Denver students. Additionally, scholarships and financial aid may be available depending upon the program and location.  Information and advice on scholarships such as Fulbright, NSEP, Gilman and others is also available. For the most current information on programs, policies and the benefits of global education, please visit the Global Education website at


Hispanic Student Services

Office: North Classroom, 2012
Telephone: 303-556-6209

The Hispanic Student Services program provides access and educational opportunities to Hispanic students through specialized recruitment and retention efforts. The program provides academic advising, scholarship information, cultural programs, advocacy, student organization sponsorship and other supportive services tailored to the specific needs of the students. Hispanic Student Services also serves as a resource to the campus, providing current information on issues and concerns of the Hispanic community.


Information Technology Services

Office: Lawrence Street Center, 1350
Telephone: 303-724-4357

Information Technology Services (IT Services) provides central support of the telecommunications, computing and network infrastructure for the Denver Campus and the Anschutz Medical Campus. IT Services also provides computing resources such as computer accounts, e-mail, file storage, server hosting, Internet, Internet2 and National Lambda Rail. 

The IT Services help desk is a single point-of-contact for reporting computer-related problems or requesting services. Faculty and staff are encouraged to contact the help desk for general questions about computing at the university.

IT Services also provides student computing services to currently enrolled students within the computer labs located in the North Classroom 1206, St. Cajetans 101 and the Tivoli 241. The computer labs have Macintosh and Windows-based computers with Internet access available for student use on a first-come first-served basis.

For more information, call the IT Services Help Desk at 303-724-HELP.


International Affairs

Assistant Vice Chancellor: Carolyn North
Courier Address: International Affairs,  1380 Lawrence Street, 9th floor, Denver, CO 80204-2029, USA
Mailing Address: International Affairs, Campus Box 185, P.O. Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217-3364, USA
Telephone: +1-303-315-2230
Fax: +1-303-315-2246

The Office of International Affairs (OIA) serves the university by providing administrative support, expert advice, technical services, educational programs and related services that contribute to the strategic international goals of the university. The Office of International Affairs addresses international policy issues, has oversight of international risk management protocols, serves as a resource for best practices in the internationalization of higher education, maintains central data bases pertaining to international activities of the university, advises on the development of international affiliations and agreements, assists departments/programs and schools/colleges with the development of comprehensive international strategic planning and seeks to promote and support initiatives that advance international research, education and global cooperation.

OIA serves as a resource for faculty seeking international research opportunities, provides a comprehensive list of international scholarship/fellowship information and serves as the institutional liaison for the CIES Fulbright Scholars Program. OIA provides visa and orientation services to international students and scholars, provides expertise in the development and maintenance of undergraduate, graduate and professional global education, assists with brokering and designing bilateral international educational programs and offers comprehensive international recruitment and admissions services.

The four divisions of OIA include the ESL Academy, Global Administrative ServicesGlobal Education, International Admissions, International Student and Scholar Services, and International Colleges and Partnerships.

Graduate Student and Faculty Fulbright Information

OIA maintains listings of opportunities and other information on various scholarships and fellowships for study and research abroad, including Fulbright graduate student and faculty visiting lectureships at foreign universities.

Community Outreach Services

During the year, OIA sponsors periodic guest lectures and special seminars focused on topics of current international interest. Many of these activities are open to the public as well as the university community. OIA is also an active participant in a number of Denver community international programs and events. For more information about these and other programs, contact OIA at 303-315-2230.


International Colleges and Partnerships

 International Colleges and Partnerships (ICP) develops and maintains sustainable academic programs abroad to enhance the globalization of teaching and learning at the University of Colorado Denver and its partner institutions and to facilitate the discovery and sharing of knowledge between CU Denver and the world. Telephone: +1-303-315-2240

International College Beijing

International College Beijing (ICB) is a joint education program between the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) and China Agricultural University (CAU), located in Beijing, People’s Republic of China. The partnership, formed in 1994, was one of the first of its kind approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education.

At ICB students can choose to earn a CU Denver bachelor of arts degree in either economics or communication on site in Beijing. Or students can choose to study in Denver to complete their undergraduate programs after a year or two of study at ICB.  As courses are taught in English by CU Denver faculty, U.S. students can learn or perfect their Chinese while pursuing rigorous courses in English in their chosen undergraduate field of study alongside ICB Chinese students, fostering a truly global classroom experience.

ICB is located on the east campus of China Agricultural University in the Haidian district north of downtown Beijing.  The campus is a 30-minute ride from downtown Beijing, Beijing International Airport and major cultural centers such as Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace.

International Colleges & Partnership Staff

Rick Chaney, Director,, 303-315-2240

Joanne Wambeke, Student Affairs,, 303-315-2121 


lnternational Student and Scholar Services

Director: David Clubb
Telephone: +1-303-315-2230

The International Student Services unit provides a variety of services and programs to international students and scholars with a special emphasis on F-1 and J-1 students. The unit provides check-in sessions, orientations, work clinics and immigration advising, and we often partner with other CU Denver departments to offer programs and events to our international student population. For more information related to immigration matters, programs and advising services for international students, please visit our website at


Learning Resource Center

Office: North Classroom, 2006
Telephone: 303-556-2802

The Learning Resource Center is designed to promote student success in the academic setting. Available to undergraduate and graduate students, services include:

  • individual and open lab (group) tutoring
  • study skills courses 
  • study strategies seminars
  • a resource library 
  • supplemental instruction (SI) for courses in physics, chemistry and biology
  • ESL (English as a second language) support through workshops, conversation and pronunciation groups


New Student Orientation

The New Student Orientation coordinates orientation programs for new freshmen and transfer students in the fall and spring.  A welcome program is held for new graduate and non-degree students each fall and spring which provides an overview of campus resources, important deadlines and policies.  Graduate students accepted into the Business School, the College of Architecture and Planning, the School of Public Affairs, the School of Education and Human Development, and the College of Engineering and Applied Science also attend specific orientation in their school or college.


Ombuds Office

Office: CU-Denver Building, 107
Telephone: 303-556-4493 or 303-315-0048
E-mail: or


The Ombuds Office is available to assist students, faculty and staff. Our services are free and confidential. The Ombuds Office assists in resolving CU Denver conflicts, complaints, and disputes. Students typically use our office when facing issues that seem unfair to them or when they just don’t know what to do next. Samplings of concerns are:

  •  the actions of faculty, staff, or other students
  •  denials of petitions
  •  university decisions
  • disagreement over grades and other classroom issues
  • problems with team members working on a class project

Although we function as an independent service, we are very familiar with the CU Denver system, policies, and procedures. We can assist you in identifying and evaluating your options for dealing with issues so you can have the best chance of reaching a satisfactory outcome. We are not attorneys. We do not decide who is right or wrong nor do we sanction anyone or testify in formal proceedings. We function as consultants available to assist all members of the campus community. An ombudsperson does not advocate for any party but is an advocate for fair process. Whenever possible, we try to help people find “win-win” solutions.

An ombudsperson can also mediate disputes involving student clubs and organizations and provide conflict management training. In the academic realm, if your group project is getting nowhere because your group is experiencing conflict or communication problems, we can help you resolve those issues, as well.

Due to its informal, confidential and independent role outside the administrative structure of the university, notice to the ombudsperson about a problem does not result in the generation of records, nor does it constitute legal notice to the university about the existence of a problem.

For detailed information about the Ombuds Office, visit


Center for Pre-Collegiate and Academic Outreach Programs

Office: Administration Building, 360
Telephone: 303-556-2322

The programs offered by the Center for Pre-Collegiate and Academic Outreach Center serve to motivate middle- and high-school students to pursue post-secondary education and provide them the academic skills necessary to be successful in their college endeavors.

Pre-Collegiate Development High School Program

The Pre-Collegiate Development High School Program is a systemwide, institutionally funded academic enhancement program for high school students. The primary focus of the program is to prepare youth (grades 9-12) who are first-generation and from an underrepresented group in higher education to successfully complete high school on a timely basis and possess the necessary skills to successfully enter and graduate from their choice post-secondary institution. During the academic year, students will take part in relevant Saturday Academies in basic study skills, interpersonal skills development and college entrance exam preparation designed to acclimate them to the university and prepare them for college study. In addition, students are provided with either a two-week (sophomores) or five-week (juniors) intense summer academic program. During this experience, students are exposed to various academic courses, which are designed to enhance and augment their college entry requirements (e.g., mathematics, sciences, writing and seminar) once they return to their host high school for either their junior or senior year. For further information you may contact us at 303-556-2322.

Pre-Collegiate Middle School Academic Program

The Pre-Collegiate Middle School Academic Program is an academic enhancement program. The program is designed to adequately prepare potential first-generation college students in grades seven to eight to successfully complete their pre-secondary school career, enroll in a college preparatory high school curriculum and ultimately enroll to their choice college/university with the necessary skills and academic preparation to succeed at and graduate from that institution. The Pre-Collegiate Middle School Academic Program serves as a precursor to the Pre-Collegiate Development High School Program. Students who successfully complete the Pre-Collegiate Middle School Academic Program with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better will then be admitted to the Pre-Collegiate Development Program at the end of their 8th grade year.

During the academic year, the students are provided relevant Saturday Academies in areas such as basic study skills, academic skills enhancement, leadership and interpersonal skills development. Parents of the participating students will also be offered relevant workshops during the Saturday Academy sessions, which include effective parenting strategies, as well as strategies on how to prepare financially for their student’s college education. Tutoring services will also be provided on an ongoing basis during the academic year at their middle school. The academic year Saturday Academies are designed to augment middle school curriculum (e.g., mathematics, writing, sciences, computer skills, etc.) and enhance parenting skills and strategies designed to more fully support their student.  For further information you may contact the program coordinator, Junior Reina, at 303-556-2322.

Upward Bound Program Power-Up Project

The Upward Bound program, a federally funded TRIO program, is an educational Prue-collegiate program for selected students from Sheridan and Jefferson High Schools. Upward Bound’s mission is to prepare and help motivate students with potential for success in post secondary education. Participants are selected based on their academic performance, motivation for success, recommendations from teachers and counselors and additional criteria.

Upward Bound aims to provide program participants with the necessary skills needed to successfully graduate from high school and complete a four-year college degree. Students participate in after-school and weekend programs that include supplemental education, academic themed workshops, field trips and college campus tours. Every student also participates in a six-week summer program designed to prepare them for their high school classes and the college application process. Additionally, all students participate in a shadowing program with current college students and working professionals in the Denver metro area. The program is 100 percent funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

CU Succeed

The CU Succeed program enables juniors and seniors to earn fully transferable college credit while still in high school. There are two programs for students to choose from: CU Succeed Gold and CU Succeed Silver.

CU Succeed Gold: Courses are taught during regular school periods by specially qualified high school teachers who hold honorarium faculty appointments at CU Denver.

CU Succeed Silver: Courses may be taught during school periods and after school hours and are taught by CU Denver full-time or part-time faculty.

Courses taken through the CU Succeed programs are eligible for transfer to University of Colorado campuses, as well as to many other universities and colleges. More information about the CU Succeed programs is available at

Scholars Program

The Scholars Program is an early college enrollment program for college-bound, high-achieving students who are potential first-generation who are current graduating high school seniors. The program allows students to begin their college studies by taking one course on the CU Denver campus during the fall and spring semester of their senior year. The credit earned in the course can be applied toward a bachelor’s degree at CU Denver or at another institution.

Prior to and during their fall and spring enrollment, scholars engage in orientation, admissions and financial aid seminars and other workshops, along with their parents, designed to acclimate them to the university and prepare them for full-time college study. Assistance with course selection, educational planning and tutoring is provided.

Who may participate in the program? Students who are potential first-generation college students, and/or underrepresented in higher education may apply to the program. Applicants must be current juniors who are graduating from their respective high schools at the end of the following spring semester.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 at the time of application
  • Completion of at least two years of math (two years of algebra or one year of algebra and one year of geometry) with an average grade of B or better
  • Completion of two years of English (one year must be composition) with an average grade of B or better
  • A commitment to participate in all of the program’s orientations and workshops prior to and during enrollment

NOTE: Interested students are cautioned that college work requires considerable time and discipline. Therefore, only students who have completed the majority of their high school requirements, who do not work after school and who are not heavily involved in extra-curricular activities are encouraged to apply. Since CU Denver courses are available throughout the day and into the early evening, students will have many options in choosing a course that best fits their schedule.

What are the student’s responsibilities?

The CU Denver Scholars Program is committed to providing students with every opportunity to enhance their academic skills and to succeed in the college courses they take at CU Denver. However, students will gain the most benefit from their experience at CU Denver if they commit themselves to the goals of the program and actively participate in its activities. Therefore students will be expected to:

  • Commit themselves to actively participating in the program for the semester
  • Attend their college class faithfully, completing assignments and participating fully (tutors or teaching assistants will be made available)
  • Attend all tutorial sessions as required by instructors and staff

The program involves a serious commitment by students because college is a serious commitment. If a student earns a failing or a low grade in a college class, a prospective college or university may be reluctant to grant admission to that student. Students who are already involved in extra-curricular activities should apply to the program only if they are sure that these activities will not interfere with their full participation in the program.

How much does the program cost?

CU Denver covers most of the direct educational expenses, which includes tuition and matriculation fees. Students will be responsible for the following:

  • Books (ranging from $50 - $100)
  • A student identification card ($10), available in the Tivoli Student Union upon acceptance into the program
  • Parking ($3.75 to $10 per day)

NOTE: Students must arrange their own transportation to and from the Aurora Campus. Those who choose to drive may park in the student lots for an hourly or daily fee.

How do students apply?

Application to the CU Denver Scholars Program must be made through a high school counselor. Applicants should ensure that their counselor submits the following materials/credentials to the Scholars Program.  

  • A University of Colorado Denver non degree application form; Non-U.S. citizens must attach photocopy of VISA or permanent resident card
  • A completed application packet, including student general information form, counselor recommendation form and two teacher recommendation forms
  • An unofficial copy of the student’s high school transcript

Students should be advised that no application will be considered if it is incomplete. 

Completed applications should be turned in to your high school college counselor. For additional information contact:

Annice D. Real, Assistant Director
University of Colorado Denver Scholars Programs
Campus Box 147
P.O. Box 173364
Administration Bldg., Suite #360
Denver, CO 80217-3364


Student Activities, Events, Student Organizations and Student Leadership Programs

Office: Tivoli Student Union, 303
Telephone: 303-556-3399

The Office of Student Activities offers a comprehensive student activities program that helps bring about a positive college experience for every student. Our goal is to integrate what students learn from the full range of their experiences and to engage them in active learning both inside and outside the classroom. We are committed to bringing new and exciting activities, events and workshops that provide innovative opportunities for student learning, especially in the areas of self-knowledge,  leadership, diversity, communication, service, civic engagement and social responsibility. Through participation in co-curricular activities, we help students enhance interpersonal, leadership and critical thinking skills and help prepare them for active citizenship beyond college. 

Get involved with a student organization, student government or the campus newspaper. CU Denver has over 200 student organizations, honor societies, professional organizations and faith-based groups. We help students register student organizations, and provide services, information, education, support, and advising to assist with the development and strengthening of students and student groups. In addition, we provide multiple opportunities for students to engage in practicing and developing their leadership skills. Leadership programs include diverse leadership conferences including the Women’s Leadership Conference, a conference focused on feminist leadership; CO-Leads, a state wide Miltie-cultural leadership conference; and the Lynx Leadership Conference, a program designed to increase the leadership skills of CU Denver Students. We also provide leadership trainings that enhance the co-curricular experience on campus through programs such as Leadership On Demand, a program designed for students involved in student organizations on campus; and Student Government Association, providing a voice for students on campus. We encourage students to take advantage of shared governance and increase the sense of community on campus through all of the leadership programs.

Club Sports

Office: Tivoli Student Union, 303

Telephone: 303-556-3399


Club Sports are teams created and organized through student leadership to promote skill or interest in a particular sport. These teams are often competitive due to regularly scheduled practices and the use of part-time coaches. Club Teams frequently choose to compete against other schools across Colorado and the nation. Sport Clubs are meant to be a learning experience for the members through their involvement in fund raising, public relations, organization, administration, budgeting and scheduling. Involvement in a group and/or team situation helps enhance the student’s overall education while improving the community at CU Denver. The leadership training and opportunities available through active participation in a sport club are intended to benefit the participant throughout his/her life. 

Peer Advocate Leader (PAL) Program

Office: Tivoli Student Union, room 303
Telephone: 303-556-3602

 The Peer Advocate Leaders (PAL) program promotes leadership for all students involved by matching undergraduate student leaders with various groups of students such as first-year and transfer students. The mentoring relationship is designed to foster student engagement and academic success by providing peer-level support that fosters student achievement, growth, and learning throughout students’ academic career at the University of Colorado Denver. 


Student and Community Counseling Center

Director: Dr. Patricia Larsen
Office: North Classroom, 4036. New Location: Tivoli, 454 (effective Spring 2013)
Telephone: 303-556-4372

The CU Denver Student and Community Counseling Center provides culturally competent mental health services focused on support, growth and solutions. Services include:

  • quality counseling, case management, consultation, testing, outreach, life-skills groups and preventative mental health services to the CU Denver campus community
  • outreach and case management to CU Denver students who are identified as at-risk
  • sensitivity to diversity and inclusion of all clients regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, socio-economic status and ability
  • strength-based counseling approach that assists students in finding solutions using their own strengths and abilities
  • consultation and classroom presentations to faculty and staff upon request

All students are eligible for up to 10 counseling sessions per academic year and unlimited groups, workshops and case management services at no cost.


Student Government Association

Office:Tivoli Student Union, 301
Telephone: 303-556-2510


The Student Government Association serves as a voice for students. Similar to the structure of the U.S. government, SAG has executive, legislative and judicial branches. Executives are elected each year in the spring. SAG assists students with information concerning student clubs and organizations, campus events, issues concerning student status and other information of general interest to students. SAG also provides students assistance with grievances and the opportunity to become more closely involved with the university community through active participation in student government itself or through service on university, Teri-institutional and Aurora committees.

Student Health Insurance Office

Office: Tivoli Student Union, 127
Telephone: 303-556-6273

All F-1 and J-1 students enrolled at the Denver Campus are required to have health insurance. Students are automatically enrolled in the CU Denver International Student Insurance policy when they register for classes. All students have the option to submit a waiver that shows coverage with another insurance company in order to meet the Department of State and the University’s insurance requirement. If approved the charges will be waived from their accounts. The CU Denver International Student Insurance policy also allows F-2, and J-2 dependents to enroll on the plan. For further information about the mandatory policy or information about the waiver process, please contact the Student Health Insurance Office at 303-556-6273.

Student Life

Office: Tivioli Student Union, 303
Telephone: 303-556-3399

The Office of Student Life integrates the academic, residential, and co-curricular spheres of students’ lives, linking the out-of-class experience to the academic mission of the University while enhancing the overall educational experience of students through the development of, exposure to and participation in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, leadership and governance programs. The Office of Student Life is the advising, coordinating, resource and general information center for student organizations, the academic honor societies, student government and the student newspaper. We collaborate with students, faculty, administrators, and other partners both inside and outside of the CU Denver community to create safe environments for students. In addition, we create opportunities for students to learn through active participation and reflection where they can develop as responsible leaders and engage with their peers and cultivate appreciation for diversity and the betterment of our global society. The Office of Student Life is comprised of Student Activities, Student Health Insurance, Student Organizations and Student Leadership Programs, Peer Advocate Leaders Program, Women’s Resource Center, Volunteer and Community Service and Club Sports.  The Director of Student Life represents the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Life/Dean of Students on selected CU Denver, Teri-institutional and Aurora committees and maintains effective lines of communication with the Student Assistance Office at the Anschutz Medical Campus. 


Student Newspaper: The Advocate

Office: Tivoli Student Union, 345
Telephone: 303-556-2535

The purpose of the The Advocate is to provide students with information about campus issues and events. The newspaper strives to include good investigative reporting, feature articles and items of general interest to its campus readership. In addition, the newspaper is a tool to encourage and develop writers, journalists, artists and other student members of its general management and production staff. 


Title IX:  Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct

Location: Tivoli Student Union, Suite 127
Telephone: 303-352-3578
Related Policies and Procedures:

Title IX Grievance Procedures : Grievance Procedures 2012-13.PD
Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures:

Sexual Misconduct:

The University of Colorado Denver is committed to taking prompt and effective actions to end sex discrimination, prevent its reoccurrence, and remedy its effects upon the victims and community. The University employs trained professionals who have responsibility for Title IX compliance which includes investigating allegations of sex discrimination and retaliation. The Title IX Coordinator oversees the development, implementation, and evaluation of Title IX policies, procedures, and training efforts and he/she will refer all complaints to the appropriate Title IX Investigator.

To file a complaint or raise a question, please contact one of the Title IX officers listed below.

The Title IX Coordinator for the Denver Campus is:
Raul Cardenas, PhD. Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

Phone number: 303-315-2110
Email address:
Office address: Lawrence Street Center, 14Th Floor Denver, CO 80202
Mailing address: Campus Box 146
All student complaints will be referred to or can be filed with

Tara Buckley, Title IX Investigator & Trainer
Office address: Tivoli 127, F
Phone number: 303-352-3578
Email address:

All non-student complaints will be referred to or can be filed with
Human Resources
Phone number: 303-315-2700
Email address:

Transfer Initiative, Denver

Office: 1027 Ninth Street Park
Telephone: 303-352-3309

The Denver Transfer Initiative (DOTI) is a cooperative project between the Community College of Denver (CDC) and the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) aimed at increasing the graduation rate and completion of bachelor’s degrees for traditionally under-served populations, specifically first-generation, low-income and Hispanic. The project is designed to provide assistance and support to students throughout their course work and educational careers. Students attend their first two years at Community College of Denver then transfer to CU Denver for their last two years of course work.

DOTI students receive continuous assistance in the form of:

  • support, guidance and advocacy
  • financial aid and scholarship application assistance
  • two-year to four-year transfer degree planning
  • career assessment, exploration and counseling
  • peer mentoring and tutoring services
  • connection to campus and community resources
  • attendance to informational workshops
  • the opportunity to attend student events and multicultural activities

DOTI is a Title V grant project funded by the Department of Education’s Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program, which helps eligible institutions of higher education enhance and expand their capacity to serve Hispanic and low-income students by providing funds to improve and strengthen the academic quality, institutional stability, management and fiscal capabilities of eligible institutions (


TRIO Program:Student Support Services

Office: North Classroom, 2506
Telephone: 303-556-3420

TRIO/Student Support Services is a federally-funded by the Department of Education. The program for first-generation, low-income and disabled students provides services which include:

  • academic support
  • preparation for graduate school
  • career planning, workshops  
  • scholarship information 
  • tutoring
  • book scholarships
  • peer mentoring

Veteran Student Services

Office: CU-Denver Building, 107A/B
Telephone: 303-556-2630, 303-556-2745
Web site:

The University of Colorado Denver Office of Veteran Student Services (OVA’S) has been charged with representing veteran and veteran-dependent students on campus and in the Denver metropolitan area. Our mission is to improve and enrich the educational experience of our servicemen, servicewomen and their dependents through advocacy, as well as appropriate and responsive services.

The Office of Veterans Student Services is the initial contact point for eligible veterans and dependent students wishing to seek a post secondary education or CU Denver students who wish to utilize Veterans Administration educational benefits. This office services include:

  • assistance in filling out VA paperwork
  • assistance in solving problems associated with the receipt of VA-related educational benefits
  • maintaining proper certification for eligible students to ensure that each student meets Veterans Administration requirements for attendance, course load and content, and other regulations necessary to receive educational benefits payments
  • providing VA vocational rehabilitation referrals
  • serving as a campus resource
  • providing information on VA tutorial assistance 
  • offering  VA work/study positions for qualified veterans

Volunteer and Community Service 

Office: Tivoli Student Union, 303

Telephone: 303-556-3399


  College is the perfect time to get involved by volunteering. Through the office of Student Life, we offer the Alternative Break program, which allows students to volunteer over the spring, winter and summer interim breaks. We work with different offices and organizations to find volunteer opportunities for you. We also run a food pantry that is open to all students. Come by and donate or take food whenever you need to. Best of all, we get to meet the students who donate their time and efforts! We offer a variety of community engagement programs and opportunities for you to get involved with including alternative breaks, Habitat for Humanity, Stop & Serve, the volunteer database and the volunteer fair.

Women’s Resource Center

Office: Tivoli Student Union, 303

Telephone: 303-556-3399


It is the Women’s Resource Center’s mission to provide resources, advocacy, services, and programming, which promote awareness of women’s issues and equality for all students. We are a safe and nurturing space that enables women, specifically underrepresented women, in the university community to thrive. We value inclusion, social justice, and gender equality as a means to ensure respect and tolerance for all people regardless of background or experience. To accomplish this mission, the RC runs several events, workshops, and educational conferences every year, as well as provides direct resource consultation for students in need.


Writing Center

Director: Justin J. Bani
Office: North Classroom, 4014
Telephone: 303-556-4845

The Writing Center at CU Denver provides free writing assistance to students. We view writing as a process and all texts as works in progress. We build confident, accomplished writers through the teaching of discipline-specific genre knowledge, the development of critical-thinking skills and the practice of audience-centered writing. Our clients develop better writing skills while improving their texts.

Professional writing consultants assist writers of all levels and in all disciplines on any type of written work. Services include one-on-one and small-group writing consultations designed to prepare writers to:

  • Understand assignment expectations
  • Generate, organize and develop ideas
  • Analyze, synthesize and argue
  • Summarize, paraphrase and document sources
  • Effectively recognize and revise issues with grammar and syntax

The Writing Center offers a variety of locations and services to best meet your needs: 

  • North Classroom 4014 (Denver Campus): Mon.-Thurs. 9 a.m.-6 p.m. and Fri. 9 a.m.-2 p.m.
  • Campus Village (Denver Campus): Sun., Mon., Wed. 6-9 p.m. and Fri. 2-5 p.m.
  • Health Sciences Library 1204 (Anschutz Medical Campus): Tues. and Fri. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Sun. 2-8 p.m.
  • On line (real-time): Every evening 6-10 p.m.
  • On line Drop Box for graduate students and Anschutz Medical Campus students only
  • Handouts, pod casts, and videos via the Resources section of the website

All consultations are by appointment; to schedule an appointment, please visit our website.