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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business School Graduation Requirements

In addition to the campus core, the following requirements must be met:

Required Courses

The following courses are required prerequisites for courses in the business core and may count toward the campus core as well. Please see an advisor for more details:

The following courses are graduation requirements for all business students:

Business Core

Specific grades are required for the business core courses in order to meet prerequisites and qualify for graduation. Prerequisites are listed within the course description. Students should meet with their advisor for recommendations on which courses to take first.

Requiring a C- or higher:

Requiring a C or higher:

International Studies

Choose one of the following courses: (a specific course may be required for some majors)

Other courses in international business may be offered periodically that satisfy the international studies requirement. 


Business students must complete the prescribed courses in a major at CU Denver. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for courses in the area of emphasis.

The majors include:

  • *Accounting Major - BS in Business Administration
  • Entrepreneurship Major - BS in Business Administration
  • Finance Major - BS in Business Administration
  • *Financial Management Major - BS in Business Administration
  • Human Resources Management Major - BS in Business Administration
  • Information Systems Major (specializations available in Accounting, Financial Management, Human Resources Management, Management, and Marketing) - BS in Business Administration
  • International Business Major - BS in Business Administration
  • *Management Major - BS in Business Administration
  • *Marketing Major - BS in Business Administration
  • Risk Management and Insurance Major - BS in Business Administration
  • Sports Business Major - BS in Business Administration

The specific requirements of these majors are described in subsequent sections.

*Option to specialize in Information Systems


Experiential Learning

Business students must earn 3 semester hours of credit in an approved Experiential Learning course. This can be satisfied by completing: an Internship; MGMT/ISMG 4900; MGMT 4120; or completing an approved Study Abroad business course. Students completing the RISK program must take RISK 3949.

Experiential learning is a graduation requirement for students beginning their bachelor degree program at any institution in summer 2007 or later. Students beginning their bachelor degree program prior to summer 2007 are not required to meet the experiential learning requirement. Students may petition to waive the experiential learning requirement based on documented full time work experience of one year or more related to their chosen major.

Other Courses

Guidelines for Elective Credits. Elective credits should be selected carefully because not all classes are acceptable. Generally, to be acceptable, electives must be taught by regular University of Colorado faculty, must have a form of assessment, such as a term paper and/or examinations, and must be regular classroom-type classes. Course coverage must be college level, not repetitious of other work applied toward the degree, must be academic as opposed to vocational or technical and must be part of the regular university offerings.

Independent Study

Junior or senior business students desiring to work beyond regular course coverage may take variable credit courses (1-3 semester hours) as nonbusiness electives under the direction of an instructor who approves the project, but the student must have the appropriate approval before registering. A maximum of 6 semester hours may be applied toward degree requirements. An independent study request form must be signed by the student, the instructor, the program director and the Assistant Dean.


A maximum of 6 semester hours of approved independent study, internships, experimental studies, choir, band and/or music lessons, art lessons may be applied.


Students may select the pass/fail grading option for most courses. In addition to Downtown Campus policies covering the pass/fail grading option (see the Academic Policy  section of this catalog), Business School students must adhere to the following pass/fail grading policies:

  • Courses used to complete Business Core, a student’s major, business minor, specializations, and/or certificate requirements may not be taken on a pass/fail basis.
  • Courses required to demonstrate proficiency may not be taken on a pass/fail basis (includes the first two semesters of foreign language and regional expertise coursework.)
  • Courses used to satisfy Business School graduation requirements may not be taken on a pass/fail basis. (COMM 2050, ECON2012, ECON 2022, ENGL 3170, and MGMT/ISMG 4900. Exception: an internship must be taken on a pass/fail basis.) ECON2012 may be taken as pass/fail to satisfy the CU Denver core curriculum, however a letter grade is required in order for it to satisfy the Business School graduation requirements.

GPA Requirement

To graduate, a student must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all courses attempted at the university acceptable toward the BS (business administration) degree as well as a 2.0 for all business courses. In addition a 2.0 is required for courses applying to the student’s major.

Upper Division

All students receiving a BS degree in business must take at least 45 upper-division semester hours.

Residency Requirement

At least 30 semester hours of business courses (including the business major courses) must be completed as a CU Denver student. The 30 hours for residence must include MGMT 4500.

Business School Foreign Language Hours Proficiency

The Business School’s foreign language requirement or regional expertise requires that students demonstrate a minimum level of proficiency in one foreign language or culture.

This requirement is met through the completion of one of the following:

  • a second-year (Level II) high school course with a minimum grade of C-
  • a second-semester-level college course (1020) with a minimum grade of C-
  • satisfactory proficiency testing, including taking and passing a proficiency exam
  • completion of three regional expertise courses

*High school courses will not apply toward degree credit; however, they will waive the specific foreign language requirement from having to be done at the college level.

Students choosing the regional expertise requirement with one year of high school foreign language or one semester of college-level work can satisfy the requirement by completing a minimum of 6 semester hours of course work from an approved list that relates to the politics, arts, history, culture or economy of any region of the world other than North America.

Courses used in the expertise area must meet the Business School guidelines and can be chosen from the list specified by the Business School. Students should contact their business advisor if they have questions. The advisors can be reached by emailing or calling 303-315-8110 to schedule an appointment.  


Complete all requirements associated with your individual major.