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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Architecture and Planning Graduation Requirements


Only internships, independent studies and non-architecture elective courses may be taken pass/fail. Required architecture courses may not be taken pass/fail. A maximum of 6 hours pass/fail credit may be applied toward the BS Architecture degree. Courses taken in excess of the maximum will not be applied toward degree credit. Pass/fail determination must be made within the posted deadlines (at census dates) and may not be rescinded (unless approved by the undergraduate committee).

Independent Study and Internships

Junior or senior architecture students desiring to work beyond regular course coverage may take variable credit courses (1-3 semester hours) as architecture electives under the direction of an instructor who approves the projects for independent study and/or the architecture department chair who approves an internship. The student, the instructor, and the undergraduate advisor must sign independent study request forms.

All internships must be registered through and approved by the Experiential Learning Center on the main Auraria campus and the architecture department chair. Independent study and internship credit hour restrictions do apply, as described below:

  • Independent Study: A maximum of 6 semester hours of independent study credit may count toward Architecture electives. Requires department approval.
  • Internship: A maximum of 6 semester hours of internship credit may count toward Architecture electives.
  • The total combination of independent study and internship credit may not exceed 9 semester hours toward Architecture electives.
  • Two independent studies or two internships will not be allowed in any one semester.

Graduate-Level Courses

With prior written approval of the architecture department chair or undergraduate advisor, students may take a maximum of 6 semester hours of graduate-level architecture elective credits. GPA and class standing review may be required. Graduate-level courses from other departments must be reviewed and approved by the architecture department chair or undergraduate advisor for applicability to degree requirements.

Foreign Language Proficiency

BS Architecture students are required to demonstrate a minimum level of proficiency in one foreign language. This requirement is met through the completion of one of the following:

  • A second year (level II) high school course with minimum grade of C- or 1.7
  • A second semester level college course (1020) with a minimum grade of C- or 1.7
  • Satisfactory proficiency testing. Contact the CU Denver Department of Modern Languages at 303-315-7234 for details

Repeating Courses

A failed course (grade of F) may be repeated; however, the F will be included in the GPA and will appear on the transcript. Students must earn at least a C- grade in required architecture and math courses, including design studios. Required architecture courses must be repeated if the student earns less than a C- grade.

Residency Requirement

Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours from CU Denver. Students must also satisfactorily complete Architecture Design Studios III, IV and V (ARCH 3120, 4110 and 4120) at CU Denver.

Undergraduate Upper-Division Requirement

Students must complete a minimum of 45 upper-division (3000-4000 level) credit hours.

Courses from Other Institutions

Grades of C- or better must be earned in courses from other institutions to receive undergraduate bachelor degree credit. Courses from other institutions will be transferred and applied based upon current transfer credit policies and limitations established by the College of Architecture and Planning and the University of Colorado Denver. Students should consult with the undergraduate academic advisor prior to taking courses from other institutions to determine applicability to BS Architecture degree requirements.

A maximum of nine credit hours may be transferred from other institutions as architecture electives, and transfer coursework may only be applied toward a maximum of two studio courses (ARCH 2110 Design Studio I and ARCH 3110 Design Studio II). Transfer credit for ARCH 2110 Design Studio I and ARCH 3110 Design Studio II are contingent upon a satisfactory portfolio review.

The maximum number of credit hours applied to individual architecture major requirements from transfer coursework must not exceed the number of credit hours given to its equivalent CU Denver course. Excess credit hours from architecture-related transfer coursework will not count toward the 120 credit hours needed for the BS Architecture degree.


Complete all requirements associated with your individual major.