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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


DSST Exams- gtPathways 

Credit award and course equivalency information listed in this table applies only to degree programs completed entirely at the Denver Campus. Health programs at the Anschutz Medical Campus have different credit award and prerequisite policies; visit www.ucdenver.edu/academics and/or contact the program office directly for additional information.

Beginning Spring 2019, some exams taken January 1, 2019 and later will receive gtPathways designation.

For exams taken in future catalog years, consult those academic catalogs for exam equivalency information.

Subject Area DSST Examination Title* Credit Hours Awarded CU Denver Equivalent Course gtPathways Category  CU Denver Undergraduate Core Curriculum Category
(Only the following exams are accepted by CU Denver) minimum exam score 400    
Arts Art of the Western World 3 FINE 1999AE** (3 hours) AH1 Arts
Composition  Principles of Advanced English Composition 3 ENGL 1020   CO1 Composition
Mathematics Math for Liberal Arts 3 MATH 1010   MA1 Mathematics
Fundamentals of College Algebra 3 MATH 1999AE** (3 hours) MA1 Mathematics
  Principles of Statistics 3 MATH 2830   MA1 Mathematics
History A History of the Vietnam War 3 HIST 1999AE** (3 hours) HI1 Humanities
History of the Soviet Union 3 HIST 1999AE** (3 hours) HI1 Humanities or International Perspectives
The Civil War and Reconstruction 3 HIST 1999AE** (3 hours) HI1 Humanities 
Biological and Physical Sciences Astronomy 3 PHYS 1999AE** (3 hours) SC2 Biological and Physical Sciences Non-Lab
Environmental Science 3 ENVS 1999TC** (3 hours) SC2 Biological and Physical Sciences Non-Lab
Principles of Physical Science I 3 PHYS 1999AE** (3 hours) SC2 Biological and Physical Sciences Non-Lab
Social Sciences General Anthropology 3 ANTH 1999TC** (3 hours) SS3 Behavioral Sciences
Health and Human Development 3 PSYC 3262  - Lower Division Credit Given SS3 Behavioral Sciences
Human/Cultural Geography 3 GEOG 1999TC SS2 Social Sciences
Lifespan Developmental Psychology PSYC 2205   SS3 Behavioral Sciences
Organizational Behavior 3 PSYC 3145  - Lower Division Credit Given SS3 Behavioral Sciences
Substance Abuse 3 CLAS 1999AE** (3 hours) SS3 Behavioral Sciences
Religion and Philosophy Ethics in America 3 PHIL 1020   AH3 Humanities
Intro to World Religions 3 RLST 1999AE** (3 hours) AH3 Humanities

*Duplicate credit for exams and/or college courses with similar content is not awarded.

**1999TC/AE courses apply as generic credit in the department of the exam subject area.

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