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2012-2013 CU Denver Catalog 
2012-2013 CU Denver Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

New-Student Checklist

Here you’ll find important things that you should know once you’re enrolled.


Academic advising

Meet with your academic advisor to discuss classes and degree requirements, review transfer credit (if any) and for help with registration. 


Register for courses and authorize COF

Visit  to authorize your Colorado Opportunity Fund (COF) voucher and register for the classes you discussed with your academic advisor. To obtain your ID, contact the Office of the Registrar at 303-556-8586.  For information on COF, visit the College in Colorado website


Attend orientation

Register for and attend an orientation session.  Go to the new student orientation website for information, available dates and to register. 


Obtain student ID card

Get a voucher for a free student ID at the Student Service Center in North Classroom 1001. Take your voucher, a copy of your class schedule and a photo ID to the Student ID Center in Tivoli 269. Contact the ID Center at 303-556-8385. 


Activate e-mail account

Students are required to activate their CU Denver e-mail account, which will be used for all university-related business.  You will need your student ID number to successfully activate your account. 


Finalize tuition payment and financial aid

Make payment arrangements with the Bursar’s Office.  If you are receiving financial aid, make sure your paperwork is complete. 

Bursar:  303-556-2710, North Classroom 1001

Financial Aid:  303-556-2886, North Classroom 1030 


Math Placement Testing

Students who wish to take Math 1110, 1070 or 1401 must take a placement test given by the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences in North Classroom 4015. For information about the test and lab hours, call 303-556-8532 or visit the department’s website.   


Student housing application/waiver

All CU Denver freshmen under the age of 21 are required to live at Campus Village.  To be considered for exemption or for more information, call the Office of Student Life/Housing at 303-556-3682 or visit the student housing website.  


Immunization documents

Turn in immunization documents to the Student Health Center.  Check out the Health Center’s website for additional information.


Become a fan of the Academic Success and Advising Center

Join our Facebook page! Go to the Academic Success and Advising Center website and select the “Find us on Facebook” icon.


HB 1023

Colorado law (HB06S-1023) requires that all students age 18 or older who apply for certain public benefits provide proof that they are lawfully present in the United States. Visit the Student Service Center in North Classroom 1001 or the Registrar’s Office in the Annex to complete the appropriate paperwork.  For more information, visit the Office of the Registrar’s informational web page.


Check your schedule

Go to the week before classes start to verify your enrollment, classrooms and waitlist status. 


Buy your books

Bring a copy of your schedule to the bookstore in the Tivoli. 


Have extra time? 

Explore campus. Check out the Office of Student Life’s website for information about campus activities and resources and ways you can get involved.

Questions or comments? E-mail the Academic Success and Advising Center or call 303-352-3520.