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2013-2014 CU Denver Catalog 
2013-2014 CU Denver Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theatre, Film and Video Production

Chair: Daniel Koetting
Office: Administration Building, 210
Telephone: 303-556-6352



Associate Professors:
Laura Cuetara, MFA,  Boston University
Kent Homchick, MFA, Carnegie Mellon University
Daniel Koetting (Chair), MFA, Yale University
David Liban, MFA, Brooklyn College
Craig Volk, MFA, Yale University
Assistant Professors:
Jose Mercado, MFA,  University of California Los Angeles
Hans Rosenwinkel, MFA,  American Film Institute
Nate Thompson, MFA,  North Carolina School of the Arts
Senior Instructors:
Carol Bloom, MA,  University of Colorado Denver
Allan Trumpler, BFA,  Carnegie Mellon University
Stacy Barton, MFA,  Syracuse University
Jessica Mcgaurgh, MFA, Syracuse University
Janetta Turner, MFA,  New York University
Howie Moshovitz, PhD, University of Colorado Boulder

Department Overview

The Department of Theatre, Film and Video Production offers a BFA in theatre, film and television with an emphasis in film and television, and a BA in theatre, film and television with an emphasis in theatre.  The department offers courses in these disciplines through an innovative curriculum built on a shared foundation in both theatre and film courses, in the context of a strategically designed liberal arts education.  These emphases, with their specialized advanced courses, prepare students for advanced degree programs in graduate schools as well as for careers in film, television and theatre.

Students have the opportunity to work directly with faculty, guest artists and fellow students in the creation of recorded and live performance works, through participation in the department’s production program of plays, films, television and web projects, and through co-requisite laboratory experiences. Denver-area theatre and film productions, artist residencies, film screenings, lectures, concerts, exhibits and other cultural resources of the metropolitan area are regularly utilized throughout each student’s course of study.

BA/BFA Program Options

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, Film and Television with an emphasis in Theatre

This program, which is rooted in the liberal arts, prepares students with lifelong skills for success in the rapidly changing world.  Through writing, performance, analytical and communication work in theatre and media, students will have a foundation to pursue their goals.  The BA provides a solid preparation for graduate school or careers in a range of areas.

See detailed degree requirements for the BA.   

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre, Film and Television with an emphasis in Film and Television

This BFA emphasis provides training at a professional skill level, culminating in a comprehensive review that requires successful completion of a portfolio and/or thesis project.  The emphasis is designed so that students will progress through the semesters as a cohort group.  Students will not only work on their own projects but will assist on group projects similar to our episodic web series, a television pilot and also our department’s sponsored film project (all written by students).  Students will graduate with theoretical and historical perspectives, and hands-on experiences in film and television production.  This prepares students to begin their careers with entry-level positions in film or television, start their personal creative work or continue their studies in a graduate program.

See detailed degree requirements for the BFA emphasis in Film & Television