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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Chair:  Michelle Comstock 
Associate Chair: Phillip Joseph
Program Coordinator: Francine Olivas-Zarate
Program Assistant: Maria Alvarez
Office: 1015 9th Street Park
Telephone: 303-315-7830
Fax: 303-315-7826


Joanne Addison, PhD, Purdue University 
Colleen Donnelly, PhD, University of Washington
Jeffrey Franklin, PhD, University of Florida
Bradford K. Mudge, PhD, University of Texas, Austin
Cynthia Wong, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Associate Professors:
Pompa Banerjee, PhD, University of Massachusetts

Brian Barker, PhD, University of Houston
Nicole Beer, PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia
Teague Bohlen, MFA, Arizona State University 
Nancy Ciccone, PhD, University of California, Berkeley
Michelle Comstock, PhD, Purdue University
Sarah Hagelin, PhD, University of Virginia
Philip Joseph, PhD, State University of New York, Buffalo

Wayne Miller, MFA, University of Houston
Gillian Silverman, PhD, Duke University
John Tinnell, PhD, University of Florida, Gainesville
Catherine A. Wiley, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Ian Ying, PhD, University of Arizona

Assistant Professors:
Rodney Herring, PhD, University of Texas, Austin

Joanna Luloff, MFA, Emerson College; PhD, University of Missouri 
Andrew Scahill, PhD, University of Texas, Austin

English majors learn to acquire and synthesize information and to present their ideas and opinions skillfully. They find employment in fields in which the sophisticated use of language is necessary for achievement and advancement. Many graduates go on to postgraduate study, not only in writing, film studies and literature, but to schools of medicine, law, education, journalism and business.

Undergraduate Information


Undergraduates wishing to major in English must declare the major and option by the time they have completed 60 semester hours. The English major allows a student to choose from one of three options: literature, creative writing or film studies. Students interested in a double major must choose one option in English as well as the English writing major and are required to complete 21 different courses (63 hours).

Click here  to learn more about the English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology Major. 

Click here  to learn more about the English Major-Film Studies Option.

Click here  to learn more about the English Major-Creative Writing Option.

Click here  to learn more about the English Major-Literature Option.

BA in English With Secondary Teacher Licensure

Students seeking secondary English teacher licensure may pursue a BA in English with a restricted literature option. This enables them to complete their English major as well as fulfill requirements for licensure at the undergraduate level. See the description of the Undergraduate Teacher Licensure on the School of Education & Human Development (SEHD) Urban Community Teacher Education program page for more information.

Departmental Honors

Latin honors may be earned by participating in the department’s honors program. Students with a 3.5 GPA in English are encouraged to begin the program in their junior year. The program requires additional course work (3 hours) and affords students the opportunity to work individually with the professor of their choice. Detailed information is available in the English department office.


The Department of English also offers four separate minors. No courses taken for a minor may be counted toward an English major.

Literature Minor 

English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology Minor  ​

Creative Writing Minor 

Film Studies Minor 

Additional Information

For additional information on majors, options, minors and certificates call the Department of English office at 303-315-7830.

Graduate Information

Please go to the Graduate catalog to read about our graduate programs.