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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Studies

Director: Hamilton Bean, Ph.D
Office: Student Commons 3010
Telephone: 303-315-1909
E-mail: Hamilton.Bean@ucdenver.edu


The international studies program is an interdisciplinary major with faculty drawn from several independent academic departments.

Undergraduate Information

In a world where the forces of politics, commerce, culture, and technology are multifaceted and interconnected, the International Studies (INTS) major provides students with a much-needed global perspective. INTS is an interdisciplinary liberal arts degree that prepares students for international careers and graduate study. The INTS major offers students a deep understanding of complex international issues and the underlying drivers that are shaping our world. Employers seek the qualities of INTS graduates: historical knowledge, research ability, cross-cultural competence, teamwork and leadership experience, and the ability to analyze, model, and solve real-world problems. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), International Studies graduates earn higher starting salaries than any other social science major, except Economics. The INTS major provides students with the methodological tools necessary to analyze various regions of the world and global issues from different academic disciplines. Students take courses from departments including Anthropology, Business, Communication, Economics, Geography, History, Modern Languages, Political Science, and Religious Studies, among others. This combination of coursework, flexibility, and customization provides INTS majors a distinctive and valuable degree for today’s world. 

Click here  for information about the requirements for the Major in International Studies.

Joint BA/MA Programs

Highly-motivated students with strong GPAs in the INTS major may qualify for admission to a MA program, with the BA in International Studies and MA in either Humanities or Social Science. This condensed graduate degree program allows students to double-count 5 graduate-level courses toward the BA and MA simultaneously and to complete the MA degree with only one extra year of coursework. Interested students should contact advisors in both the INTS program and Masters in Humanities or Masters in Social Sciences program to learn more about specific course plans and requirements.

Click here  for information about the requirements for the 4+1 BA in International Studies to MH or MSS.