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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Religious Studies

Director: Sharon L. Coggan
Office: Plaza Building, 113
Telephone: 303-315-7220


Robert Metcalf (Philosophy)

Associate Professors:
Nancy Ciccone (English)
Sharon Coggan, Clinical Teaching Track (Philosophy/Religious Studies)
Colleen Donnelly (English)
Sarah Hagelin (English)
Rachel Harding (Ethnic Studies)


Assistant Professors:
Dale Stahl (History)

Kari Alexander (Sociology)
Bassem Hassan (Political Science)
Daryl Mehring (Philosophy)
Richard Smith (History)

Mary DeForest (Modern Languages)
AnnMarie Bridges (Religious Studies)
Albert McClure (Religious Studies)
Stephanie Yuhas (Religious Studies)

An undergraduate minor is offered in Religious Studies, a discipline that overlaps with many other fields of study: anthropology, literature, philosophy, psychology and others. Religion has played a vital role in history and continues to do so in contemporary life. The degree of interaction between a religious tradition and its host society is profound. Knowledge of its religion(s) is essential for a genuine understanding of each culture. Students will study the nature of the belief systems of the world’s great religious traditions. Specific courses will offer the possibility of focusing one’s studies in the areas of ancient myth and shamanic traditions, Judaic and Christian studies, Islam, Asian religions, psychology of religion, philosophy of religion, anthropology and sociology of religion, religion and literature and biblical studies.

Click here  to learn about the requirements for the Minor in Religious Studies.