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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Education and Human Development BAMA with Multiple MA Options

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The EDHD BA to MA program (BAMA) in the School of Education and Human Development allows students to combine their BA in Education and Human Development with an MA suited to their needs. In this degree students can complete both the undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in as little as five years. 

This program is an uninterrupted enrollment plan that leads to both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. A student follows a prescribed BA to MA program plan of study, from the EDHD BA and choosing from one of eight MA degree options: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education, Literacy Education, STEM Education, Learning, Design and Technology, Learning Developmental and Family Studies, Early Childhood Education, Special Education and Research and Evaluation Methods

Program Delivery

  • This is an on-campus program with a variety of delivery options for many courses including face-to-face, hybrid, evening, and online courses.

Declaring This Degree

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General Requirements

To earn this degree, students must satisfy all requirements in the EDHD BA in addition to individual requirements for the chosen MA.

Program Requirements

  1. Students must meet all of the requirements of the EDHD BA.
  2. Up to nine credits of the EDHD BA will be taken at the master’s level and apply to both the BA and the chosen MA.
  3. Students will complete an additional 21 credits to finish the MA degree (the BAMA does not apply to added endorsements).
  4. Students must select and apply to their chosen MA in their junior year during the professional year application period.
  • The process includes an essay, letters of recommendation and an interview.
  • A 3.0 GPA and good-standing in the program is required for admission.
  1. Students interested in the BA to MA program should meet with an undergraduate academic advisor during their junior year. Students apply directly to CU Denver’s School of Education & Human Development.
  2. Students accepted into the BAMA must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average and receive a B- or better in all coursework.


Tuition and Fees

Graduate level tuition is less expensive than undergraduate tuition. Students are assessed tuition at the course level.Financial aid awards will cover graduate courses taken by undergraduate students. We offer a variety of scholarships and grants. For a complete list of financial aid opportunities visit

Degree Confirmation

Students are eligible to receive the BA in Education and Human Development degree once they have successfully completed 126 semester hours and all CU Denver undergraduate degree requirements. The MA will be conferred once the student has completed all requirements for the Master of Arts degree.Students have 7 years from the semester in which the first graduate-level course was taken complete the MA.


Eight Master’s Degree Options:

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education

For those who are passionate about elevating the status of bilingualism and inclusivity in classrooms and championing the strengths and assets of children who speak and are learning multiple languages, this degree is the perfect option.

Early Childhood Education

This degree is for those who have a passion for working with young children, families and communities during the critically important stage of early childhood. The program prepares highly competent professionals who are leaders and advocates known for embracing the whole child in inclusive, culturally and linguistically diverse settings.

Learning Design & Technology

Students will complete fully online courses that address relevant, emerging learning technology topics such as active and experiential pedagogy, media and maker projects, integration of technology, blended and online learning, open educational resources, digital storytelling, creative instructional materials design, and technology adoption and leadership.

Learning, Developmental and Family Sciences

Through this program, you will be prepared to view culturally and linguistically diverse families from a strengths-based perspective and to serve them in a variety of contexts. Students will learn to facilitate the teaching/learning process and to lead and work in community-based environments.

Literacy Education

Literacy is often understood as a core competency and a gateway to all other learning. With this in mind, this degree provides educators with advanced knowledge and preparation to work with diverse student populations, K-12, as they develop reading, writing and oral language skills.

Research & Evaluation Methods

Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but have the common thread of questioning status quo and striving to explore ‘what works’ in order to improve our educational system. This program is very practitioner-focused. There is a strong focus on improvement and evaluation of current practices, programs and policies.

Special Education

This degree prepares candidates for a holistic representation and understanding of the students from an academic and behavioral perspective. In the program, you will not only learn ways to accommodate, differentiate and assess materials for students, but you will also understand how to manage a caseload of students. From working with families to teachers to agencies, you will be able to develop skills in collaboration, consultation and transition. As a result, you will be an asset to your building and the families/students you serve.

STEM Education

When you decide to pursue this degree, you will learn practical and valuable knowledge and skills to help you engage your students in exciting STEM content. Our program focuses on understanding students’ ideas, creating equitable STEM learning environments, assessing students’ needs and providing high-quality instruction.


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