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2011-2012 CU Denver Catalog 
2011-2012 CU Denver Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Information Systems Emphasis—BS in Business Administration

The information systems program at the University of Colorado Denver is a nationally accredited program for students who want to design and implement effective solutions to meet organizational and management needs for information, control and decision making.

An information systems (ISMG) emphasis draws on a diverse set of skills and strengths requiring creative and innovative thinking at the intersections of disciplinary knowledge and practice.  Information systems students learn how information technology, effective teamwork and leadership and sound project management combine to enable innovation and change, to improve organizational agility and to add competive value.  Courses require extensive hands-on projects, teamwork and use of high-end technology.  A combination of technical skills gained in class work with broad based business process knowledge enables our graduates to be ideally situated to take leading roles in shaping the technology-based future of employers in the Rocky Mountain region and the nation.

Undergraduate options

The Business School at the University of Colorado Denver offers a bachelor of science in business administration where you may choose information systems as your primary core specialty:

  • Information Systems, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree

Or you may choose to add an information systems speciality to another business discipline.

  • Accounting and Information Systems emphasis
  • Financial Management Systems emphasis
  • Management and Information Systems emphasis
  • Marketing and Information Systems emphasis 

Career  Opportunities

Careers in information systems continue to be one of the highest growth markets in the business world.  A student completing the information systems program curriculum will be prepared for challenging careers as business analyst, database analyst, Web content manager, project manager, IT consultant and information auditing and compliance specialist.  Employment possibilities include financial operations, health care, management consulting, service operations, transportation and logistics and government.

Information systems is becoming the foundation of all business activities, and a solid understanding of the role of information systems in business and in the national and global economy is now critical for every business student. The information systems emphasis focuses on effective use of information technology in business.  You are equipped with logical and analytical thinking in all areas of business and a strong basis for continued career growth in a variety of growing professions.  You will develop the technical skills, business know-how and administrative insights required for acquisition, deployment and management of IT resources and services development, operation and evolution os IS infrastructure for use in accounting, finance, marketing, management and other business processes.



The courses emphasize both team and individual work, allowing students to gain critical thinking skills, knowledge and experience to analyze, design, program, implement and use information.

Requirements for the Information Systems emphasis

Lower Division

Upper Division: Senior Year

Important note

It is particularly important to take the required courses in the proper squence to fulfill the prerequisites and ensure you can complete your degree within four years. Please refer to the sample degree plan for the recommended course sequence.

Specialization in a minor area

You may also choose a secondary business minor area to support your career objectives.