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2014-2015 Graduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Chair:  John Wyckoff, Acting Chair
Program Assistant: Dawn Arge
Office: North Classroom, 3801
Telephone: 303-556-8344
Fax: 303-556-6257
Website:  clas.ucdenver.edu/physics/


Martin E. Huber, PhD, Stanford University
Martin M. Maltempo, PhD, Columbia University
Alberto C. Sadun, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Associate Professor:
Randall P. Tagg, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Assistant Professors:
John M. Carlson, PhD, University of Michigan
Emeritus Professors:
Willard R. Chappell, PhD, University of Colorado
Clyde S. Zaidins, PhD, California Institute of Technology

Physics, as the most fundamental of the sciences, is the foundation upon which many other disciplines are built. Therefore, other programs often require knowledge of the fundamentals of physics, and a physics degree is an outstanding platform for employment and advanced study in many technical disciplines. The department offers both a course of study fulfilling the bachelor of science degree and a wide range of service courses for students majoring in disciplines other than physics.

The Department of Physics offers two programs of study, or tracks. Students should consult with a departmental advisor prior to choosing a track. Track 1—Pure and Applied Physics is intended for students preparing for graduate school, teaching careers, or careers in industry or government labs. Track 2—Biophysics and Medical Physics is seen as a bridge to an advanced degree in the health sciences for those interested in medical research, admission to medical school, preparation for work in a hospital or clinical situation, or industrial jobs in biomedical instrumentation. For either track, students preparing for employment in an interdisciplinary area (such as environmental, geophysical or energy study) can choose to add an appropriate minor or arrange a specific major program on an individual basis.

The department now also offers an online certificate in the Scientific Foundations of Technical Innovation  at both undergraduate and graduate levels. This 12-semester-hour program is intended to foster careers in the practical application of physics and the potential commercialization of new technologies. 

To enhance the employment and postgraduate study options of physics majors, the department is committed to providing students with opportunities for experimental, computational and theoretical research. On-campus opportunities are available through the faculty research programs. Questions regarding physics courses or the physics curriculum should be directed to a departmental advisor. Appointments should be made through the physics office.

Certificate Program

Click here  to learn more about the requirements for the Scientific Foundations of Technical Innovation Certificate.

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