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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Interdisciplinary Programs

Interdisciplinary programs encourage students to synthesize the theories, methods and analytical perspectives of diverse disciplines to bring new ways of understanding to particular themes or problems. Interdisciplinary studies foster research and teaching collaboration among faculty and students, who cross traditional academic specialties. Interdisciplinary programs also place a high value on reaching beyond the university into our local, national and global communities, providing students with real-world experiences through internships and experiential learning. 

The college also has several established interdisciplinary programs leading to full undergraduate degrees, minors, certificates and graduate degrees. A brief description of each program follows, with a link to its respective program section.

Undergraduate Information

  • The increasing prominence of China in world affairs has made knowledge of Chinese language and cultures an asset in numerous fields. The innovative MINOR IN CHINESE STUDIES  offers a specialized study of China through coursework in the related disciplines of language, anthropology, history, geography, literature and political science.   
  • The K-12 TEACHER LICENSURE PROGRAMS , in collaboration with the School of Education & Human Development, enable students to add educational training to their liberal arts and sciences discipline studies.
  • The MINOR IN ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES  allows students to choose courses from the social sciences, physical sciences, engineering, humanities and statistics to create a unique program of study.
  • The ETHNIC STUDIES BA  and the MINOR IN ETHNIC STUDIES  provide students the opportunity, through academic investigation, to develop a greater understanding of the cultural pluralism of the present day United States and to acquire skills needed in professional and social service fields.
  • The INDIVIDUALLY STRUCTURED MAJOR  (ISMA) gives students an opportunity to construct a major that meet their unique needs and interests. Students pursue studies that combine coursework from two, three, or even more academic units to explore a particular theme. The ISM challenges students to ask questions that require thinking beyond a single discipline. 
  • In a world where global commerce and politics have emerged as driving forces, the INTERNATIONAL STUDIES MAJOR  provides students with innovative perspectives on changes that affect all of us. INTS is designed to provide students a thorough education in international issues while preparing them for global careers. The major offers students the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of complex international issues and the forces that are shaping our world.  
  • The MINOR IN HEALTH HUMANITIES  explores the ethical, cultural, social and political contexts of health and medicine, providing an excellent addition to science-based curricula serving as a stand-alone program that addresses many current issues of interest to the humanities and social sciences.
  • The MINOR IN LAW STUDIES  is intended to help students become intelligent and critical scholars of legal and political discourse. While the minor may be useful for students contemplating law school, it is also intended to appeal to a wider group of students interested in issues relating to law and society and careers in public policy related fields. 
  • The PUBLIC HEALTH MAJORS  enable students to get either a BA or BS degree in public health, depending on their focus. They may choose from over 100 electives in 14 academic departments, in addition to specific public health core courses.
  • Religion involves the worldview of a culture, its social norms, ethics, and politics. In the private realm, religious experiences are among the most profound an individual can have. The MINOR IN RELIGIOUS STUDIES  fosters a nuanced understanding of religion, and cultivates critical skills evaluating religious phenomena.
  • The MINOR IN SOCIAL JUSTICE  encourages students to recognize how democracy, education, consumerism, media, race, class and gender intersect. The minor fosters the many ways that our students are already engaged as citizens, the desirable possibilities that remain unrealized and their power to effect that actualization.
  • Holistic approaches to sustainability practices in our daily living require a workforce that understands the various perspectives that address a broad optimistic framework. Students who complete the MINOR IN SUSTAINABILITY  will demonstrate a command of the language, structure and skills of multiple, relevant disciplines, and will be better prepared to take leadership in this complex, challenging field.
  • The MINOR IN WOMEN’S AND GENDER STUDIES  focuses students’ attention on the centrality of gender and sexuality to understanding our past and present worlds. Students and faculty probe assumptions about men and women, and question structures of inequality as they play out in local and global contexts.

Graduate Information

 Please go to the Graduate catalog to read about our graduate programs.