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2012-2013 CU Denver Catalog 
2012-2013 CU Denver Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Administration MS

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Program Director: Errol L. Biggs
Telephone: 303-315-8851
E-mail: errol.biggs@ucdenver.edu


Heidi Boerstler, PhD/JD, Yale University/University of Denver
Peter Bryant, PhD, Stanford University
C.Marlena Fiol, PhD, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
Richard Foster, PhD, University of Chicago
Bruce Neumann, PhD, University of Illinois
Edward O’Connor, PhD, University of Akron
Associate Professors:
Murray Cote, PhD, Texas A & M University
Blair Gifford, PhD, University of Chicago
Deborah Kellogg, PhD, University of Southern California
Stephen Ross, MD, Universtiy of North Carolina
Errol Biggs, PhD, Pennsylvania State University

The goal of the master of science in health administration degree is to prepare men and women who, after appropriate practical experience in responsible managerial positions, are capable of assuming positions as chief executive officers or senior administrators in complex, multi-service healthcare organizations or in organizations’ purchasing health services.

The curriculum is a synthesis of management concepts and techniques that are applicable to any economic organization and tools that can be specifically applied to health and health services systems. The program emphasizes skills that heighten basic analytical and decision-making processes used by top-level managers in selecting broad strategies for the institutions and by junior managers in administering subunits of health care organizations. The faculty guide the students in their mastery of theoretical, conceptual and quantitative topics.

The program has enjoyed continuous accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education since 1970.

Total: 18 Hours

Waivers of CBK courses are possible. The entire CBK may be waived if the student has completed an undergraduate business degree  or MBA from an AACSB-accredited college or university within the last 10 years. Specific courses may be waived based on a case-by-case evaluation of undergraduate or graduate course work in business completed at a regionally accredited college or university within the last 10 years.

Total: 33 Hours

Notes and Restrictions

Health Administration electives. Choose three of the following: HLTH 6055, Transformation Leadership; HLTH 6740, Profiles in Healthcare; MGMT 6803, Visonary Leadership; HLTH 6075, Travel Study; HLTH 6070, International Health Policy & Management.

Health Information Technology elective. Choose one of the following: HLTH 6071, Introduction to Health Information Technology or HLTH 6027, Fundamentals of Helath Information Techology.

Management Residency. A management residency is optional, but recommended for all students, especially those with limited health care experience. The faculty of the program provide assistance to students in securing the residency, as well as regular consultation during the residency period. Information on the full range of local, regional, and national residencies is available in the program office.

Length of Program. The didactic portion of the degree will take at least two academic years, since most HA courses are offered only once each year and many have prerequisites. Part-time study is facilitated by courses being scheduled for late afternoon and evening hours.

Specialized Tracks in MS Health Administration

Each track carries its own specific course requirements. To provide a variety of perspectives and experiences within a specific area of health administration, each track includes courses that span various departments within the Business School, other schools on the Denver campus, and other University of Colorado campuses.

  • International Health Management and Policy track
  • Financial Management track
  • Health Information Technology Management track

Institute for International Business

The International Health track is affiliated with the Institute for International Business at UC Denver. The Institute for International Business is one of a few university programs to have received the prestigious CIBER grant from U.S. Department of Education. The grant is being used by the institute to provide effective internationally oriented education, research, and outreach activities. Also, the institute is a participant in an international consortium of universities for faculty and student program and course exchanges. Students in the International Health Management and Policy track will have access to the institute’s exchange networks.

International Health Travel/Study Course

Program Director: Blair Gifford
Telephone: 303-315-8400
E-mail: Global-Health@ucdenver.edu

A unique feature of our International Health Management and Policy track is its emphasis on making sure students gain international experience during their education. The travel study course requirement can be met by taking a University of Colorado health travel/study course, or a student can take a course at a partnering university. An example of a health travel/study was a three-week trip to Thailand and Vietnam to visit numerous cultural- and health-related facilities.

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