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2012-2013 CU Denver Catalog 
2012-2013 CU Denver Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Geographic Information Science Graduate Certificate

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GISci Certificate Advisor: Rafael Moreno

Office: North Classroom, 3524

Telephone: 303-352-3762

E-mail: rafael.moreno@ucdenver.edu


The intention of this certificate is to provide graduate-level students at UCD with the mechanisms for demonstrating capabilities in spatial techniques in the social and/or physical sciences. The focus of this certificate is on a broad array of geospatial techniques, including geographic information systems, remote sensing, cartography and statistics, which give students additional analytical skills for the workplace or graduate school. This certificate is designed for majors in GES as well as other disciplines.

Upon successful completion of the certificate, students will be able to:

  • understand basic theoretical underpinnings of spatial analysis
  • apply geo-spatial technologies to real-world problems
  • have a basic knowledge of how to operate at least three types of software used in spatial analytical applications


Spatial techniques are tools with broad application. Consequently, graduate students in any discipline will be admitted into the program. Non-degree seeking students with a prior bachelor’s degree will also be admitted. To apply for non-degree admission, go to Information for Undergraduate Students  and click on the Nondegree Students link at top of page. Students may begin the program in any semester or during the summer by making arrangements with the GIS certificate coordinator, and completing and signing the Application for GISci Certificate .

Course Requirements

To obtain the certificate, students must complete four core courses, one elective, and a 1-credit independent study or applied GIS lab, totaling 16 hours. Although the four core courses may be taken in any order, students without any background in the geospatial sciences are advised to begin with GEOG 5080, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, since this course familiarizes students with many key concepts used in the other classes. The statistics class and GEOG 5080 have prerequisites, including algebra and introductory calculus. Because of the technical nature of the GIS and remote sensing course work, some mathematical experience is desirable prior to beginning the program.

In order to obtain the certificate, students must have a 3.0 GPA in all courses required for the program, and the independent project must demonstrate proficiency in GIS in the student’s area of interest. All core courses are offered on an annual or bi-annual basis. Any alterations to the program MUST be approved by the GISci Coordinator. The certificate will be awarded upon completion of the program.

Prerequisite Course

Note: this course does NOT count as part of the total credits required for the certificate.

Core Courses

Total: 12 Hours

Total: 3 Hours

Lab Requirement (to be taken at the end of the program):

Independent Study in GEOG or GEOL with a geographic technology professor (Moreno, Thomas, Wyckoff), or instructor approved by GISci coordinator. The independent project must also demonstrate a proficiency in GIS in the student’s area of interest (1 credit hour) or take CVEN 5386. GIS Laboratory (3 credit hours).

Total: 1-3 Hours


Certificate Total: 16-18 Hours


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