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2013-2014 CU Denver Catalog 
2013-2014 CU Denver Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Information and Learning Technologies MA

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Lawrence Street Center, 701
Telephone: 303-315-6300
Fax: 303-315-6311
E-mail: education@ucdenver.edu
Website: www.ucdenver.edu/education



Information about Information ILT faculty is available online at www.ucdenver.edu/education.

Master’s Degree

The ILT master’s program helps people design and use various resources and technologies for learning. Applying sound principles of instructional design, graduates can integrate a variety of learning technologies into their teaching including multimedia presentations, social-networking tools and tools for authoring, production, assessment and participation. ILT students learn to implement learning technologies in specific professional settings—either K–12 schools or adult learning settings such higher education or corporate environments.

Students choose tracks according to their professional goals:

  • The instructional design track prepares students to work in adult learning settings such as business, higher education, health care, nonprofits or government.
  • The eLearning track prepares educators to develop online courses and learning materials and to teach and facilitate learning in those eLearning environments.
  • The K–12 teaching track helps teachers integrate technologies into schools and classrooms with a focus on improving teaching practices. Teachers may earn a state endorsement in instructional technology.

Once admitted, students begin a plan of study that typically takes about 1-1/2 to 3 years to complete while working full-time. Some students are organized into a cohort to complete courses together at a fixed sequence. Other students select courses at a more flexible pace. Consult the ILT website for more information about specific plans of study, course offerings and expectations of cohort groups.

Admission Requirements

Admission decisions are based on undergraduate and graduate grades, external letters of recommendation, writing samples and fit with the program as reflected in a letter of intent. In some cases, results of a test (GRE) are also required. Prospective students should consult the ILT program website for complete admission procedures and requirements.

Professional Expectations

All students in the ILT program are expected to show a strong commitment to the program and to maintain high academic, professional and ethical standards. Inappropriate or unprofessional conduct is cause for discipline or dismissal from the program.

Technology Expectations

The ILT program uses computers and related technologies either as a focus or a tool for learning. Students are expected to use their campus e-mail account and check it frequently. In addition to on-campus facilities, ILT students need convenient access to Internet-connected computers off campus, either at their place of work or at home. In addition to textbooks, software purchases may be required or recommended for specific classes.

Program Requirements

Instructional Design and Adult Learning

Students complete 30 graduate semester hours of course work from a set of core courses and approved electives within and outside the ILT program. The plan of study is nationally accredited by NCATE and AECT and is consistent with standards for instructional designers. Students should consult the ILT program website or their advisor for complete program requirements.

eLearning Design and Implementation

Students may complete a 30 semester hours online master’s degree with an eLearning emphasis. The focus of this master’s track is on the planning, design, development, delivery, facilitation and evaluation of online learning resources and programs. A certificate is also available in this area, constituting the first-year requirements of the master’s program.  Students should consult the ILT program website or their advisor for complete program requirements.

K–12 Teaching

Students may select a master’s program and/or an endorsement program in instructional technology within the K-12 Teaching track. For the full master of arts degree, students complete 30 graduate semester hours of course work consisting of a core set of courses and approved electives. The plan of study is accredited by NCATE and AECT and is designed in line with standards of the Colorado Department of Education. Students may also complete an endorsement-only program in instructional technology consisting of 24 graduate semester hours.

Comprehensive Examination for all ILT Students

The comprehensive exam consists of a professional portfolio where in students demonstrate program competencies through work products and related accomplishments. The portfolio is created throughout the student’s program and submitted for faculty review the final semester. For more information, see the ILT website.

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